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Disposable Face shield(Non sterile)

Disposable Face shield(Non sterile)



Features: Prevent the risk of cross infection due to splashing of liquid infection sources such as saliva/blood. High transmittance filter material - minimize color difference and eye discomfort, light and flexible - suitable for long time wearing without weight bearing. And will not easily occur bending and fracture phenomenon. Soft and cushioned forehead and elastic band make it easy to wear, light and comfortable without any ligature marks. Anti fog- avoid water vapor accumulation on the shield, which may affect the visual observation. Surface coating- to avoid scratches affecting the light transmittance and durability of the shield. 

Function: Prevent liquid splashing and Anti-fog 

Application: working environment with risk of cross infection caused by splashing of saliva / blood and other liquid infection sources, such as hospital, police station, checkpoint , Jail, etc 

Specification: 320*220cm*0.2mm 

Meas: 690mm*390 *400mm/8.4kgs. 1 unit/small bag 10 small bag / medium bag,20 medium bag /CTN

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