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The COVID-2019 situation in many countries around the world is escalating! Take strict precautions, we will act again!

At the beginning of March, the number of COVID-2019 cases in many countries has continued rising, the COVID-2019 situation in other countries is becoming more and more serious. "Control Foreign COVID-2019 Cases Entering" has become the top priority of the current COVID-2019 prevention and control. In the work of preventing and controlling the entering of foreign COVID-2019 cases, Workers of Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection have vital responsibilities. After learning about the shortage of COVID-2019 prevention supplies at General Station of Immigration Inspection, C&G donated 500,000 yuan worth of protective clothing and goggles for the prevention and control of border quarantine situation on the afternoon of March 13.

C&G’s Chairman - Galvin Gao, Deputy General Manager – Yu Bo, Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection Director Li and Director Zhao and other comrades attended the donation event.

On January 27, 2020, C&G was included in the China key anti-COVID-2019 protective supplies production enterprise. C&G actively responded to the national call for emergency production of anti-COVID-2019 protective clothing. The output reached 100,000 pieces in February and 200,000 pieces in March, provide strong support for COVID-2019 prevention and control.

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