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What should we pay attention to when purchasing anti-static work clothes

Anti-static overalls can effectively suppress static electricity in daily work, and can eliminate or reduce the damage caused by static electricity. When newcomers purchase anti-static work clothes, they do not know what information they need to know from the manufacturer. The following Shanghai C&G editor have sorted out some precautions for purchasing anti-static work clothes.

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First, ask the manufacturer for a product test report. Generally, anti-static fabrics will have black conductive threads, but there are real and fake ones. Due to the high cost of anti-static fabrics, some unscrupulous merchants will use ordinary polyester fabrics to print them on the fake ones. The black wire is then soaked in anti-static liquid, so that the cloth has a certain anti-static effect for a period of time. If the anti-static work clothes you purchase are to be used repeatedly, you must not purchase such anti-static clothes.

Second, we must pay attention to the structure of anti-static work clothes, because it has a crucial decision on the effect of static electricity. High-quality anti-static work clothes are very particular about the buttons, zippers, pockets, etc. used in anti-static work clothes. During the transportation of the goods, there must be coverings on the goods, which can not damage the packaging, prevent high temperature and sunlight, do not drag with hand hooks, etc., as well as preservatives during storage.

Third, the style of anti-static overalls: the top is "three-tight", and the bottom is straight-leg pants; or "three-tight" jumpsuit.

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