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Interpretation of the new EU standard EN ISO 20345:2022 "Personal Protective Equipment Safety Shoes"

High-quality safety shoes can ensure the safety of the operator's feet. They need to meet the standards stipulated by law and are suitable for the operator's work content and working environment. Today Shanghai C&G editor will take you to learn more about the new EU standard EN ISO 20345:2022 for safety shoes, which will soon replace EN ISO 20345:2011. Overall, 3 changes have taken place.

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First, the logo changes

The current standard has identification levels from S1 to S5, and new identification levels will be added after the update: S6 and S7. S6 and S7 standard safety shoes have waterproof uppers and are completely waterproof.

Second, puncture resistance performance test

For safety shoes of classes S1P and S3, the symbol P represents an additional mandatory requirement, with changes in puncture resistance, as follows:

(1) The symbol P remains, but only for safety shoes with metal puncture-resistant inserts.

(2) Non-metallic puncture-proof pads are divided into two levels: large puncture nails - classic 4.5mm puncture nails; small puncture nails - 3mm puncture nails.

Later, these changes will also be included in the reform of the safety shoe logo:

Metal puncture resistant pad: S1P

Non-metal puncture-proof pad: S1PL—pass the test of large puncture nails; S1PS—pass the test of small puncture nails

Third, anti-skid performance test

A. The current 3 anti-skid grade marks: SRA/SRB/SRC will be cancelled.

(1) SRA—This anti-skid level is included in the basic requirements of the standard, and the original anti-skid test with dodecyl sulfate liquid on the tile floor is used.

(2) SRB—Steel plate floor is changed to tile floor, and the previous SRB logo is changed to SR. On the basis of the anti-skid test using lauryl sulfate, additional testing is performed using glycerin.

B. Changes in the testing section. Previously, safety shoes would be tested on the heel and mid-section. At present, it is tested on the first and third sections of the sole, the heel and the forefoot.

The above are the future changes of the EN ISO 20345 safety footwear standard, which will be fully enforced on April 1, 2023.



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