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What are the materials of safety helmets? Which material is better?

There are many hard hat suppliers on the market, but which one is the best? What kind of material are good safety helmets, many people may not know very well, Shanghai C&G editor has compiled some professional knowledge to share with you.

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Let's talk about the material of the helmet first. The material of the helmet is divided into: ABS material, HDPE material, PC material, FRP material, etc. You can choose a helmet according to your needs.

1. ABS safety helmet

ABS helmets have the advantages of heat resistance, high surface hardness, dimensional stability and good chemical resistance. At the same time, its electrical insulation properties and impact resistance are also very good.

2. HDPE helmet

HDPE helmets have higher surface hardness and better heat resistance, electrical insulation and dimensional stability. But the compressive strength is poor.

3. PC helmet

PC helmets have high impact resistance, high dimensional stability, good electrical insulation properties and high temperature resistance. However, the price/performance ratio is not high, so general customers will not choose such helmets.

4. FRP helmet

FRP has heat resistance and good electrical insulation properties, as well as excellent acid and water resistance, flame resistant, small deformation and other characteristics, this helmet is widely accepted.

5. Other safety helmets

There are some other safety helmets in China: tape safety helmets, cold protection safety helmets, bamboo woven safety helmets, rattan and wicker safety helmets, aluminum safety helmets

In fact, the helmet mainly depends on its own use, and chooses it according to your own needs. After all, it is the most important thing that suits you. Finally, I remind everyone that you must wear the helmet correctly, life first, production second.





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