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What is the difference between different colors of fire suits

If you have paid attention to firefighters, you will find that there are many colors of firefighting uniforms, including orange yellow, plain blue, platinum white, fire red, etc. Many people may not understand this a bit. Shanghai C&G editor will introduce it to you today.

Fire-fighting protective clothing (as shown below)

Fire-fighting protective clothing.jpg

​This fire suit is essential equipment for firefighters fighting on the front line, it can protect the firefighters body from harm. It is also the most commonly seen firefighting uniform.

fire protection suit

Aluminum-clad thermal insulation clothing is mainly used to prevent heat radiation, allowing firefighters to stick to the fire site and put out fires at close range. It is mainly used for rescue and rescue in high temperature environments.

Fire clothing in other colors

Orange: emergency rescue suit, suitable for firefighters to wear during emergency rescue operations, such as body protection in situations such as building collapse, narrow space, urban rescue and climbing rescue, etc.

Yellow: Light chemical protective clothing, this kind of fire fighting clothing is a kind of special personal protective clothing worn by firefighters, rescue team members, factory or laboratory workers when they enter the scene of solid and liquid acid and alkali chemicals for rescue, rescue and work. .

Green (also available in red): The bee-proof clothing is made of PVC mesh fabric, which is wear-resistant, cutting-resistant and puncture-resistant; it can effectively prevent poisoning, has good heat permeability, and is convenient and flexible.



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