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Correct wearing method of medical isolation mask

The isolation mask has a certain protective effect. It can prevent viruses, splashes and aerosols. It is a protective mask used in the field. When in contact with infected patients or patients with respiratory infectious diseases, doctors will wear protective masks. The Shanghai C&G editor today sorted out some precautions about the wearing method and use of isolation masks.

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How to wear a isolation mask:

1. Put it on directly when wearing it, and adjust the comfort level.

2. When taking it off, you need to pinch the side close to the head or ear, and put it into a recycling device or a waste container after taking it off.

Precautions for the use of isolation masks:

1. Reusable isolation masks need to be cleaned and disinfected after use.

2. Before use, it is necessary to confirm whether the protective mask is damaged or whether the wearing device is loose. Once there is any abnormality, it should be canceled immediately.

3. Some protective masks can be reused. For these products, if serious pollutants are found on the masks, they should be disposed of immediately in accordance with relevant waste regulations.

4. The key point of protective masks is the protective effect. Everything should be based on protection and protection first. When using protective masks, they should be put on and taken off correctly, and used in strict accordance with the prescribed methods.

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