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How to adjust the tightness of the safety helmet

As the name suggests, the safety helmet is a safety protection product that can protect the head from injury. It consists of a cap shell, a cap lining, a lower chin strap and a rear hoop. There is a certain gap between the helmet shell and the cap lining, generally 2-4cm (depending on the material). When an object falls, the helmet lining can act as a buffer, so that the cervical spine can reduce the injury. Before wearing the helmet, be sure to adjust the tightness of the number. It is suitable when the hat cannot move freely on the head and does not feel uncomfortable. So how to adjust the tightness of the helmet to better protect the head?

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Ratchet bracket adjustment

Ratchet brackets generally come in three sizes: S, M, and L. The adjustment of the ratchet bracket needs to be adjusted according to the specific head shape of the user. Its height can be adjusted by setting the depth of the guide belt. The guide strap depth is set by sliding the two quick-tension straps through the holes in the back of the interface.

Chin rest adjustment

The adjustment of the chin rest needs to lock the automatic buckle first, and use the adjustable side clip of the chin rest supporter to adjust the position of the chin strap. Then tighten the chin strap until it fits and is not too tight. It is best to put the chin rest in the middle position. Adjust the tightness at the rear by sliding the straps on each side. To check that the helmet is adjusted correctly, the following steps can be taken: Loosen the chinstrap and tilt the head forward. The helmet is not easy to fall off.

Standard Liner Adjustment

To adjust the size of the head circumference, pull the hat hoop out of the hat shell and hold the five quick tightening straps by hand. Adjust according to head circumference, making sure it is positioned at 30 degrees (for maximum safety and comfort, it is recommended to adjust the helmet at an angle of 20-30 degrees from vertical). Repeat the adjustment process with this procedure until the helmet fits the head as best as possible, making sure that the helmet stays securely on the head. Height adjustment can adjust the wearing height of the helmet by changing the depth of the guide belt. Guide strap depth is adjusted by sliding two quick-tension straps through the hole in the back of the neck.



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