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How to efficiently choose the labor insurance safety shoes that suit you

Personnel engaged in labor insurance work usually wear a variety of labor insurance products, such as safety shoes, labor protection gloves, hard hats, etc. Because there are many kinds of safety shoes on the market, many people do not have clear standards when choosing, which eventually leads to many consumers buying safety shoes that do not meet their needs. So, how to choose safety shoes that fit your feet in daily life?

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When trying on, you need to stand on one leg

Because when standing on one foot, the force-bearing area will be relatively large. If you do not feel discomfort at this time, it means that the size of the shoe is appropriate. If you can't stand firmly or your feet are tilted to both sides, it means that the shoes can't support your feet well, so try not to buy them.

When trying on clothes, walk more or stay in place

Put on cotton socks as much as possible, try the shoes on both feet, and tie the shoelaces. If the shoes do not squeeze or pinch the feet, it means that the shoes fit well.

When you try it on, take a hop

If you want to try the elasticity and shock-absorbing effect of shoes, then we need to jump to feel it. The sole and heel of good shoes have shock-absorbing effect. After jumping up and landing, the pain will be much reduced, and people can feel soft. Soft elastic.

The editor of Shanghai C&G recommends that when purchasing labor insurance shoes, first of all, ensure that the wearer will not be harmed at work; secondly, consider daily wear and tear, wear and other issues; and finally, pay attention to the service life and life span: for example, some workers are Problems such as frequent replacement of sole materials or lack of maintenance after replacing shoes can lead to occupational injuries.



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