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Electric safety belt inspection standards and application fields

Electric seat belts are used in high-altitude operations to effectively prevent workers from falling. The electric safety belt has high safety performance, which can absorb shock and buffer during operation, and can also prevent people from falling into the power grid to ensure personal safety. Today Shanghai C&G editor will tell you about the inspection standards and application fields of electric safety belts.

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Electric safety belt inspection standard

1. The service life of the seat belt is generally 3 to 5 years, and it should be discarded in advance if any abnormality is found.

2. The waist belt, safety belt and rope of the seat belt should have sufficient mechanical strength, the material should be wear-resistant, and the clasp (hook) should have a safety device. Safety belts and ropes with a length of more than 3 meters should be equipped with buffers.

3. Visual inspection should be carried out before using the seat belt:

(1) The components are complete, without shortage, without damage or damage;

(2) No brittle cracks, broken strands or kinks in the ropes and braids;

(3) Metal fittings have no cracks, no defects in welding, and no serious corrosion;

(4) The bite of the hook tongue of the hook is flat and not in place, and the safety device is complete and reliable;

(5) The rivet has no obvious deviation and the surface is smooth.

4. The seat belt should be tied to a solid object, and it is forbidden to hang on a moving or unstable object. Do not fasten on sharp edges and corners. Seat belts should be hung high and parallel, and low hanging and high use are strictly prohibited.

5. When working on poles and towers, the safety belt backup protection rope should be tied to a safe and firm component (live work depends on the specific task to determine whether to tie a backup safety rope), and the backup protection must not be lost.

Application fields of electric seat belts

Electric safety belts are widely used in the installation, commissioning, testing, overhaul, operation and maintenance of electric equipment. In addition, it can also be used in electric power construction: the construction site is equipped with a special cable that is temporarily suspended in the high-altitude construction high-altitude operation electric safety rope, and can also be used as a hanging basket and pulley on the work platform, and it can be used Fixed connection with wire rope. In addition, it can also be used in the field of industrial production and manufacturing: for high-voltage power cables, it is also necessary to configure power safety belts.


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