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Flight suit choose Aramid flight suit or Nomex flight suit

When buying flight suits, many people will say that the price of Nomex flight suits is a bit high, so they hope to buy more cost-effective flight suits. Today, Shanghai C&G editor will introduce to you a relatively affordable flight suit-aramid flight suit. Aramid flight suit because it basically meets all the same standards as the Nomex flight suit at a more reasonable price.

What is Aramid?

Aramid fiber is a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber. Aramid fibers are suitable for body armor, helmets, aerospace materials, sports materials, tire frame materials, conveyor belt materials, etc., and have properties such as insulation, high temperature resistance, and aging resistance.

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Aramid also has excellent resistance to electricity and heat, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Meta-aramid has intrinsic flame retardancy, its limiting oxygen index (LOI) is >28%, it will not spontaneously ignite, melt, or produce molten droplets in the air, and it will self-extinguish when it leaves the flame.

C&G flight suits are manufactured in accordance with US military standard FNS/PD96-17 (MIL-C-83141A).

Because DuPont NomexI twill flame-resistant and anti-static fabric is used, it has excellent flame-resistant and thermal protection properties, which can minimize the casualty rate of flight personnel in cabin deflagration accidents. At the same time, because the fabric contains anti-static fibers, clothing can effectively reduce static electricity The generation of static electricity and prevent the accumulation of static electricity, thereby preventing flight accidents caused by electrostatic discharge phenomena that interfere with electronic equipment in the cabin, and meet NIR standards; aramid flight suits from the point of view of design and function, in addition to the fabric itself, they are in every aspect are all the same. However, it is not NIR compliant.

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