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Air respirator wearing steps

 Air breathing apparatus are designed for firefighters and emergency rescue personnel. It can prevent harmful gases and dust from entering the human body through the respiratory tract. Not much to say, the following editor will introduce the steps of wearing air respirators.

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The first step, adjust the back frame

Grasp the back support with both hands to make the respirator higher than the top of the head, then quickly raise your hands so that the back support falls on the back of the human body, the gas cylinder switch needs to be at the bottom, then adjust the shoulder straps until it is fully fitted with the back support and the body, and then buckle Tighten the waist belt and pull it tight.

The second step,Wearing a mask

First fasten the long strap of the mask, make the mask mouth and nose cover completely fit the face with one hand, and pull the headband back to cover the head with the other hand to tighten the headband. It must be remembered here that those who cannot ensure the airtightness of the mask are not allowed to use air respirators, such as beards, sideburns, glasses, and scars on the face. Finally, test the airtightness of the mask and disconnect the air supply valve. If the breathing is smooth, the mask is unqualified or worn incorrectly. Otherwise, the air respirator mask is well sealed.

The third step, connect the supply and demand valve

Open the gas cylinder valve to the end and see if the alarm whistle sounds briefly. At the same time, look at the respirator pressure gauge to check the inflation pressure. Finally, connect the supply and demand valve interface with the mask, so that we can use it normally.

The above are the wearing steps of the air respirator I have compiled, hoping to help you better understand the air respirator.





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