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What inspections need to be done before using the air respirator

 Air breathing apparatus, short for air exhalation, is a kind of respiratory protective equipment, generally used by firefighters. The most important thing about air breathing is air tightness, so we must do a good job of inspection before use, so as not to hurt the user. Below, I will give you a specific introduction to what inspections need to be done.

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First, check whether the various components of the air call are complete and whether the connection at the joint is normal.

Second, check the air tightness of the air exhalation air supply system and the pressure value of the air source. First confirm that the pressure reducer and the bottle valve are connected properly, then close the air supply valve, open the bottle valve switch, and close the bottle valve after the pipeline and valve body are filled with compressed air, keep the pressure for 2mins, and the pressure value should not drop by more than 2Mpa . According to the work needs, it is necessary to ensure the gas storage pressure value of the gas cylinder. Under normal circumstances, if you want to enter the fire scene, the gas storage pressure value should not be lower than 80% of the rated working pressure.

Third, close the bypass valve and the air supply valve of the air supply valve, then turn on the bottle valve switch, put the full face mask on the head correctly, and ensure that the air supply valve can open and supply air by itself. After the human body inhales normally, the air supply valve starts to make the sound of supplying air. When the inhaler or when holding the breath, the air valve is silent.

Fourth, carefully check whether the gas cylinder is firm, and all kinds of spare parts must be carefully checked, such as whether the clips of the fixing belt are locked.

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