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Modeling and Arc Flash Analysis in

software allows you to quickly and intuitively build your oneline and perform arc flash calculations to ensure that you are in full compliance. By using the powerful features in you can avoid costly hazards and get automatic alerts. It supports both AC and DC modeling. You can create one-lines and perform analyses such as short circuit, arc flash, and coordination. The program includes a comprehensive equipment library for all major manufacturers.


Here, we will describe briefly how you can use to create a one-line and perform an arc flash hazard analysis.

The program opens in a session window. The upper area, called the ribbon, contains several tabs, including Home, Insert, and Tools. On the left is an Equipment Palette that you use to select the equipment for your one-line. The bottom of the window displays a status bar for information about your system settings. The main area of the window is where you build your one-line. In our example, the snap-to-grid feature is turned on, which helps to keep the equipment aligned.

The program opens in the Database Edit focus. This is where you will build your one- line and record your equipment data. Additional analysis options include Short Circuit, Coordination, Power Flow, Harmonics, and Dynamic Stability. The options available depend on those you've purchased.

To add equipment to the one-line, select the equipment from the Equipment Palette and then click on the one-line in the location where you want to add the equipment. A common equipment item is a "bus." The bus is used as the connection point for equipment.

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