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Why the electronic factory worker Why the electronic factory worker need to wear anti static Clothin

Electronic factory workers must wear antistatic clothing and anti-static shoes, and some special positions, such as circuit boards repair and install components, also need to wear antistatic bracelet or anti-static finger sleeve. Wearing protective clothing, such as antistatic clothing, is mainly used to avoid the damage of the body's charge to the electronic components.


In electronic factories, there are many places with positive and negative charges. If the body contacts with those with electricity, it may cause electric shock, which will bring about personal safety. The usual clothing we wear will generate static electricity because of the friction between them. Some devices used in the electronic factory will be static. So in order to prevent static electricity generation, we need to wear antistatic clothing and antistatic shoes.

Antistatic clothing is blended with artificial fiber and conductive fiber with excellent and durable conductivity. Antistatic clothing is a necessary measure for anti static clothing of personnel. The work clothes have a charge <0.6 micro library / part, and the charge surface density is <7 micro sink / square meter. Antistatic clothing mainly adopts stainless steel fiber, conductive fiber, antistatic synthetic fiber and cotton blended or mixed woven fabric, can automatically discharge corona discharge or leak, RFOM clothes and human J, in addition to clothing, can also be used for the production of hats, socks, shoes, anti-static etc.

Static electricity can also cause harm to human's body, so we must attach great importance to it. We should pay attention to personal safety and not hurt ourselves in special work environment, so we must wear the whole set of anti-static protection products and conscientiously do well in safety protection.

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