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Shanghai C&G was awarded the First Prize for Science and Technology by the China National Textile and Apparel Council.


Shanghai C&G was awarded the First Prize for Science and Technology by the China National Textile and Apparel Council.

On December 6th, the 2023 China National Textile and Apparel Council Science and Technology Awards Ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People. The project "Industrialization Key Technologies and Applications of Flexible/Resilient Ceramic Ultrafine Fiber Materials," jointly completed by Donghua University, Shanghai C&G, and Frebang New Material, was awarded the First Prize for Technological Invention.

The project has integrated the development of complete sets of equipment for ultrafine fiber production, established a demonstration production line with independent intellectual property rights for ultrafine fibers, achieved efficient large-scale production of ultrafine fibers, promoted the upgrading of China's ceramic fiber industry structure, improved the overall development level of the industry, and enhanced international competitiveness. The project's research and development of flexible/resilient ceramic ultrafine fiber materials and fire insulation equipment have been successfully applied in emergency rescue, national defense and military industry, aerospace, and other fields, and have received unanimous praise from users.

This honor not only recognizes and encourages Shanghai C&G but also provides a higher platform and more opportunities for the company's future development. As a Shanghai "specialized, refined, distinctive, and new" enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise, Shanghai C&G will uphold the spirit of innovation, continue to invest in new technology research and new product development, strengthen long-term strategic cooperation with major professional institutions and research institutions, and continuously launch more innovative products and safety emergency solutions for various high-risk industries such as electric power, emergency response, fire protection, and petroleum and petrochemicals.

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