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Arc Flash Testing

Arc Flash testing is a crucial piece of electrical safety. It is an important tool used to evaluate a material's response to an arc flash event. Knowing the material's response can minimize burn injury or even death in the unlikely event of an arc. Data from testing arms customers with the information necessary to provide safe clothing for workers that may have exposure.


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The test procedure of  C&G 6 Cal Arc Flash Protective Clothing

The samples were laundered 3 times in accordance with section 8.2.1 of ASTM F1959/F1959M-14 standard test method for metermining the arc rating of materials for clothing and AATCC test method 135-12,procedure 3,IV,Aiii. The postlaundered aerial density was derermined and test specimens were cut, assembled, and prepared for testing in accordance with section 8 of ASTM F1959/1959M-14 standard teat method for determining the arc rating of materials for clothing. The total weight per load of the specimens and ballast(if uesd) was 8 Ibs.

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