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Technical features of bionic cooling suit

bionic cooling suit

Technical performance:

Hi-Tech Cool 3 layer Three-dimensional structure, firmly lock water; 

No water seepage in the collision extrusion;

Physical water absorption and locking mechanism, extraordinary service life;

is superior to the chemical lock water to bring the effect attenuation;

Outer functional fiber fabric surface;

Inner layer Waterproof and breathable composite material, waterproof and breathable;

Rapid absorption of water, while keeping the surface dry;

Use simple and fast, just a few seconds and a small bottle of water;

Continuous cooling for up to 24 hours, can be reused;

Bionic water evaporation cooling method;

Automatically adjust the cooling temperature according to the external temperature;

The higher the temperature, the better the cooling effect;

upper body design, covering most thermal sensors;

Not only ensure the body's cool and comfortable, but also avoid the intestinal and kidney cold stimulation injury;

Soft and lightweight fabric, easy to carry, applicable to a variety of high-temperature occasions;

Durable and can be machine washable, not rotary dehydration/not drying dryer.

Use conditions

1 Normal working atmosphere conditions

2 Ambient temperature: 20 ℃ to 50 ℃;

3 Relative Humidity: 5%-95%; 4 Elevation: ≤1000m;

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