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celebrate our company get 3C certificate

May 2018, our company successfully passed the China Quality Certification Center 3C certification Product Supervision Inspection Unit experts strict audit and got the certificate.

celebrate our company get 3C certificate

3C Certification: "Mandatory product certification System", which is the Chinese government to protect consumer personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management, in accordance with the laws and regulations implemented a product conformity assessment system.The so-called 3C certification, is the Chinese compulsory product certification system, English name China compulsory certification, English abbreviation CCC.

Inspection, the audit team of experts on our company's supplier management, incoming inspection, product inspection, production process control, production equipment management, 3C logo management, product consistency control, program documents, quality manual and so carried out a rigorous review, and extract products for performance testing.By viewing the data and on-site inspection, the audit team made recommendations for the improvement of related work.

The smooth passage of the review, marking our company in the product compulsory certification work, strict implementation of standards, improve management efforts, achieved fruitful results, to promote the development of the company to provide protection.

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