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C&G’s medical protective clothing production capacity is gradually increasing, produce 9000 pieces per day is our short-term.

After several days of equipment adjustment, the protective clothing production workshop of Shanghai C&G Safety Co., Ltd, has more than 50 Sewing machines and more than 70 workers to make protective clothing overtime.

There was no enterprise specializing in the production of protective clothing in Shanghai. After the COVID-19 outbreak, C&G Safety cooperated with various government departments to complete the workshop, equipment, raw materials, food and accommodation, safety, trade transportation, production line transformation and other problems in just 5 days. At present, the protection capacity of C&G Safety is about 1600 pieces per day, and we have been adjusting recently. The short-term production capacity goal is to produce 9000 pieces per day. We produce two type protective suits currently, which mainly used by peripheral personnel, personnel protective suit will be put into production immediately.

The protective clothing of C&G will use for the front line of epidemic prevention.



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