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Shanghai police took the initiative to assist with C&G to ensure the safe production of disposable protective clothing

You have to register and check in detail the employees’ situation. Only by ensuring the safety can you be productive!" Police Shen Wei said to the person in charge of Shanghai C&G Safety Co., Ltd. In the morning of 9th, February, the police of the Zhoupu Police Station was inspecting and guiding the work of C&G fire safety and personnel management and control.

At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 came suddenly. In order to respond to the call of "what the country lacks, we make what", from the original production of arc flash protective clothing and flame resistant clothing, transforming to the production of protective clothing to fill the national gap of protective clothing.

To ensure that the average daily output is several thousand pieces of protective clothing, a large number of workers are required. In the verification of newly recruited personnel, which is a big challenge for C&G. After understanding the situation, the policeman Shen Wei took the initiative to carry out personnel verification work for the newly recruited employees of the company, so the newly recruited employees could get on the job in time, and ensure that the workshop was "operated smoothly and the machine was turned on" so that the production line was " Full load operation".

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