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CG500B Disposable Hooded coverall has recently received CE Certification from the CE Notified Body, SGS

C&G has applied for CE Mark Certification for its CG500B Disposable Hooded coverall, which has successfully got CE Mark Certificate form leading certifying body, SGS.

The certification, displayed as a CE mark on all qualifying products, demonstrates the compliance of C&G’s Disposable Hooded coverall with essential EU regulations and harmonized standards as well as leading industry standards.

CG500B Disposable Hooded coverall has successfully got CE Ma

CG500B Disposable Hooded coverall has successfully got CE Mark Certificate form SGS


CG500B Disposable Hooded coverall has successfully got CE Mark Certificate form SGS

>>SGS Certification

SGS is the abbreviation of Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.

Founded in 1878, it is the world’s largest and most qualified private third-party company engages in product quality control and technical appraisal of multinational. Headquarters of SGS is in Geneva, Switzerland. For now, it has more than 1,800 branches and professional laboratories and more than 59,000 professional technicians around the world. It conducts quality inspection, monitoring and assurance activities in over 142 countries.

SGS provides accurate, reliable and fast service to customers in an independent and fair manner. SGS professional laboratories provide comprehensive tests and authoritative test reports according to the standards of the United States, Canada, the European Community, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc.



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