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Importance of conductive suit

The principle of equal potential working is that electrodes can cause cannabis inductance or even death. It is not determined by the up or down of the potential to which the body is exposed, but depends on the size of the current flowing through the body. According to Ohm's law, when people does not touch an object with a potential difference at the same time, there is no current passing the body. Theoretically, the operator who is equipotential with the charged body, his whole body is the same potential, the current flowing through the body is zero, so the equipotential is safe.

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When the human body is equipotential with the charged body, if both hands (or both feet) touch the charged wire at the same time, and the distance between the two hands is 1.0 m, then the potential difference acting on the human body is the voltage drop on the section of wire. If the wire is LGJ-150 type, the resistance is 0.00021Ω. When the load current is 200A, the potential difference is 0.042V, assuming the human body resistance is 1000Ω, the current through the human body is 42μA which is much smaller than the human body perceives 1000μA, the human body has no discomfort. At this time, if the operator is wearing conductive suit, then the current flowing through the human body will be smaller. So it is very necessary to wear conductive suits for live operation.

There are three types of electrically charged work: (1) ground potential work method; (2) intermediate potential work method; (3) equipotential work

1.Ground potential operation method: Ground potential operation method means that the operator works on the ground or on the tower with insulated tools. That is: grounded body → human body → insulator → charged body.

2.Intermediate potential operation method: The electric potential operation method refers to the use of insulating tools to work on the charged body by insulating tools and ground insulation, and by keeping a certain distance from the charged body; the operator is below the potential of the charged body above the ground potential. That is: grounded body → insulator → human body → insulator → charged body.

3.Equipotential operation method: staff through the insulator (including insulators and insulated tools) to achieve insulation with the ground, while equal to the potential of the charged body. That is: grounded body → insulator → body → charged body.

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