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The reasons for the glue opening of safety shoes and how to reduce the probability of glue opening


The reasons for the glue opening of safety shoes and how to reduce the probability of glue opening

Safety shoes are a kind of labor protection products that can protect feet and legs. Safety shoes are composed of uppers and outsoles, which are combined by PU casting, cold bonding and stitching. But when we use the safety shoes for a period of time, it is not difficult to find that the bends of the safety shoes are prone to partial glue opening. If we do not control it, the glue opening range will become larger and larger.

So, today, C&G editor will give you a brief explanation of the reasons for the glue breaking of safety shoes and how to reduce the probability of glue breaking.

1. Reasons for safety shoes to be glued

There are two reasons for the ungluing of safety shoes, one is the production reason and the other is the use reason.

A. Production reasons:

(1) Improper treatment of the upper: the upper is not properly polished, and the leather surface is not completely damaged;

(2) The sole is not suitable: the sole is not polished properly;

(3) Improper use of treatment agent and glue: improper use of treatment agent and glue, incomplete drying of glue or treatment agent, insufficient curing agent in glue, and excessive use of glue;

(4) Pressing: The pressure and pressing time are not enough when the surface and the bottom are bonded.

B. Reasons for use:

(1) Not properly maintained;

(2) Long-term exposure to rain or long-term immersion in early water;

(3) Exposure to the sun or exposure to high-temperature heat sources;

(4) Long-term exposure to certain chemical substances;

(5) The newly purchased safety shoes have not been used for a long time.

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2. How to reduce the probability of ungluing safety shoes

A. It is recommended to buy a few more pairs of safety shoes for replacement, which can effectively reduce the number of twists and turns of the safety shoes, and avoid the rubber opening of the safety shoes due to high-frequency twists and turns;

B. Master the correct cleaning and maintenance methods, regularly maintain and clean safety shoes, and ensure the leather of safety shoes;

C. Remember the precautions for the use of safety shoes, for example, do not expose the cleaned safety shoes to the sun or dry them with an open flame;

D. For some safety shoes that have not been used for a long time, they should be cleaned and stored in a cool and ventilated place to avoid mold. It is best to hold the shoe with padding so that it does not lose its shape.

The use of safety shoes in life and work can be said to be very frequent. Therefore, mastering the correct use method can not only effectively use safety shoes, but also ensure the service life of safety shoes and reduce the cost of use.

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