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C&G Arc Flash Switchgear Hood

The Anti-flash Hood completes the arc flash outfit. Like the rest of the outfit, the hood is made with comfort and safety in mind. The Switchgear Hood itself is able to be fitted directly onto a standard hard hat and the hood has a 15 inch front bib to provide added protection.

C&G arc flash hoods are the safest, most comfortable, light-weight, and most durable found anywhere today. With an incredible price point you get the finest China made Arc-Flash rated safety clothing constructed from the highest quality materials available to ensure your overall safety.

65cal per cm2 Arc Flash Protective Clothing Kit.jpg

C&G 65cal/cm2 Arc Flash Protective Clothing Kit with Switchgear Hood

  1. 65cal/cm2 Arc Flash Protective jacket
  2. 65cal/cm2 Arc Flash Protective bib-overal
  3. 65cal/cm2 Arc Flash Protective hood
  4. 65cal/cm2 Arc Flash Protective gloves
  5. Safety helmet-ABS material
  6. Insulating gloves
  7. Multifunctional kit bag

C&G Arc Flash Switchgear Hood

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