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C&G Safety's aluminized clothing Withstand high-heat up to 1600℃

There is a common perception among professionals working in molten metal and high-heat environments that Aluminized thermal insulation clothing must be heavy and Aluminized clothing takes the heat rigid in order to adequately protect against both radiant heat and molten metal splash. Lighter-weight alternatives are regarded for radiant heat protection alone, but provide little resistance to molten splash hazards.


C&G Safety's aluminized clothing

Aluminized thermal insulation clothing, Protective clothing, is your first line of protection from molten metal splash and radiant heat. C&G Safety's aluminized clothing is designed for maximum protection and is comfortably sized to fit over general work garments. C&G Safety Clothing, a leader in the Protective clothing market, can customize any of the styles shown for your specialized needs.

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