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Why do we choose C&G® Nomex® IIIA flame retardant garments?

What is Nomex® IIIA?

DuPont® Nomex® IIIA is composed of 93% 1.7 decitex Dupont® Nomex® meta-aramid, 5% DuPont® Kevlar® para-aramid and 2% antistatic fiber. This innovative solution expands to form a stable and inert barrier between the fire and skin, which gives wearers the valuable seconds they need to help them escape from the hazard.

It is one of the best products for flame resistant and heat resistant protection. It is widely used all over the world, especially for Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Chemical industry, Paint and other environments where flash fire may occur. Many of firefighters, racing drivers, U.S. military personnel and even astronauts wear protective garments made of Nomex® IIIA fabric.

100% fire resistant coverall orange color from factory,china

100% fire resistant coverall orange color from factory,china


Why do we choose C&G® Nomex® IIIA flame resistant garments?

Nomex® is inherently flame resistant. The fiber cannot be burned itself, so the protection is permanent. Since the protection comes from the fiber itself, it will not get weak after times of washing and usage. When exposed to fire, Nomex® fiber will get swelled and thicker to form a protective barrier between heat source and body. The protective barrier will last until the garment cools down so that people will have valuable seconds to escape.

For the flame resistant fabric treated by chemicals, its FR performance comes from the chemicals on the surface of the fabric. When exposed to flash explosion, the chemicals will react to extinguish fire. The reaction depends on the fire energy and the time of the fabric exposed to the fire.

With the increasing of time and energy, the flame resistant chemical will be induced to react, and the burned degree will be obviously increased. The chemicals and fabric will cause vigorous slash fire, hot gas, smoke and tar, which will hazard the body seriously.

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