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Flame retardant Metaltech clothing (garment)

Metaltech garment is an innovative product to prevent injuries from the molten metal splash. It is inherently flame-resistant and the protection cannot be washed out or worn away.

Metaltech, with its natural blend of fibers and innovative construction techniques, has the ability to wick moisture away from the skin facilitating the cooling process. Metaltech garments apply in welding, smelting, casting and molten metal splash or radiant heat industrial condition.


Metaltech-1 Welding clothing

Item No.: MT-J/P240-2
Material: 240g/m2, FR, Kevlar and Comfort fiber blended.

With good heat-insulation performance
Protect from the molten metal splash
Application: Welding and metallurgy casting industry.


Metaltech-2 Metallurgical Clothing

Item No.: MT-J/P310-1
Material: 310g/m2, Wool, Viscose FR and Functional Fiber.
Feature: With good heat-insulation performance
Application: Aluminum, furnace operation and metallurgy and foundry.


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