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150g/m2 (4.5oz) Dupont Nomex IIIA FR Coverall

DuPont™ Nomex® brand fi ber helps manufacturers of garments offer the lightweight, comfortable protection your workers are looking for. Nomex® helps provide outstanding fl ame resistance, but that’s not all. Fabrics made of Nomex® are also very strong and extremely durable, especially when compared to other materials such as fl ame-resistant- treated (FRT) cotton fabrics. As a result, garments can be made from lighter-weight fabric of Nomex® for increased comfort and breathability.


For example, coveralls of Nomex® generally made from fabrics with manufacturers’ specifi ed weights as low as 4.5 oz/yd2 still meet applicable industrial standards. The lightest-weight FRT cotton/nylon fabric has to weigh 7 oz. to meet NFPA 2112. The garment made of FRT cotton/nylon fabric is almost one pound heavier than the garment made of Nomex®.

150g/m2 (4.5oz) Dupont Nomex IIIA FR Coverall

Item No.: NM-C150-1
Material: 150g/m2 (4.5oz) Dupont Nomex IIIA
(93% Nomex®, 5% Kevlar^ and 2% anti-static fiber)
ATPV Rating: 5.0cal/cm2
Color: Orange, Royal blue, Navy blue, Red, Yellow, etc.
Feature: Inherently and permanently flame resistant
Anti-static, neither melts nor drips
Soft, comfort and easy to maintain
Application: Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Chemical, Paint, etc.
Remark: With or without FR reflective tapes, YKK or FR metal zipper


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