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FR Soft Flame Retardant Clothing

FR Soft garments are the best choice for the environment where the clothes easily get dirty or torn, or for the fact that the budget is limited.


FR Soft treatment technique will not affect the feature of cotton fabric. Thus, FR Soft garments are soft and moisture-wicking and also keep anti-static in most of working environments. Its FR protective performance will last as long as the lifespan of common garments, that is, 50 times of washing and within 12 to 18 months. Meanwhile, since being flame resistant, they also can be used as welding clothes.

FR Soft Flame Resistant Clothing

Item No.: FRCN-C250-1
Material: 250g/m2 FR cotton and nylon blended
Color: Orange, Royal blue, Navy blue, Red, etc.
Feature: Moisture-absorbing, breathable, comfortable and durable
The cotton blended with nylon is with higher strength and
Application: Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Chemical, Paint, etc.
Remark: With or without reflective tapes

C&G Safety is manufacturer of protective workwear. Being established in 2005, we are a team with 200 persons and 3000m2 factory area, and we have got the certificates of CE, ASTM F1959, ISO11612 and EN1149. Meanwhile, we are the supplier of many China power supply bureaus especially China Southern Power Grid for electric protective garments and other workwears.

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