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How to choose anti-static clothing clean fabric

As our country has not yet developed a corresponding clean fabric or clean clothing testing standards, therefore, anti-static clean fabric selection can only be based on the application of the operating environment of the application unit or after testing or by experience to choose.

Powerful users can spend hundreds of thousands to buy a complete set of equipment, in the same environment with the actual application of cleanliness, according to ISO standards for each batch of clean clothes to be tested. Most users can only be based on experience (including the experience of others) to make a choice.

To learn to choose the right clean fabric, we must first understand some of the basic knowledge of the fabric. Woven fabric is the warp, weft two directions of yarn to a specific arrangement density in accordance with the specific organizational structure and intertwined. In a nutshell is what raw materials, how much row elastic, woven into what pattern. To fabricate anti-static clean fabric, conductive fibers must also be added. Here, yarn, (warp and weft) array density, fabric and conductive fiber fabric is the anti-static clean four elements. Selection of anti-static clean fabric is based on the cleanliness requirements of the operating environment of the fabric of the four elements for comparison.

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