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How to control and avoid the problem of flame retardant cloth color difference

Fabric color comparison is also very important, especially according to the guests approved the correct fabric color samples and quality samples of the fabric for the inspection. How to reduce the flame resistant fabric color difference? Why flame resistant cloth color difference? Flame-resistant fabric production to go through many processes, in the process of raw materials, production processes, methods of operation and so there are minor differences, if the comparison of color when the light source of different, different color environments, different color time, The final flame resistant cloth color is also different. Standard light color light box has the most uniform standard light source, when using the naked eye to assess the color, the light source must be selected in the standard light source color light box to specify the color, so that more accurate assessment of the color difference to ensure consistent color results Sex.

Aramid khaki coverall5.jpg

Aramid khaki coverall5.jpg

Common standard light source are:

  • D65 - International standard artificial sunlight (average north window light), most customers use it for color
  • TL84 - trichromatic fluorescent lamps, European, Japanese store light, European and Japanese customers usually use
  • CWF - cold white light, US stores or office lighting, US customers often use this light
  • UV - UV light, used to detect fabric brightener or fluorescent dye

A - sunset light, the reference light source

Flame Resistant Cloths The requirements of proofing provided by customers are generally defined by light sources such as natural light, fluorescent light, D65 light (artificial daylight), TL84 light (European department store white light), CWF light (American department store white light) , UV light and so on. Standard light boxes, especially lamps, must be selected in line with international standards of products, and the use of the lamp to be correct, to eliminate non-standard lamp light source and light boxes caused by improper use of standard light boxes are not standard, resulting in color differences.

Some customers require two different light source color, and even require two light source to open at the same time, with a mixed light source color. In such situations, it is usually necessary to create a clear jump problem. That is, under different light sources, produce different shade, even beyond recognition.

Then the manufacturer needs a stable and accurate colorimeter, color to make use of the same conditions for the determination of the tristimulus value data, according to the color difference or the same color index, after calculating the appropriate formula selected, according to the requirements of proofing, after the sample , Compared with the standard sample to calculate the color, if the color is unqualified, then use the formula to correct procedures for substandard samples do further amendments, until the customer's request before large shipments, to avoid the appearance of color.

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