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C&G Safety R&D Center Related Test Equipment, Testable Items

C&G Safety R&D Center Related Test Equipment, Testable Items

A. Material Analysis: TGA TGA, DSC Differential Calorimeter, DMA Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, FTIR Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis, Microscope Analysis, Scanning Microscope, GC/MS Chromatograph

B, basic textile performance test

Weight, thickness, fabric structure, air permeability, abrasion performance, water absorption

Waterproof, tensile and tear strength, water wash shrinkage, rubbing fastness, wash fastness

Twist test, yarn count test, yarn hairiness performance

C. Thermal protection performance test

Thermal Shrinkage Performance, Vertical Combustion Performance, Overall Thermal Protection Performance Test (TPP), Thermal Contact Protection Test

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Chemical/Hazmat Protection

Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Anti-Static Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket/Coat & Pant

Molten Metal Splash Protection workwear

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