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Test instrument for testing voltage of insulated gloves

The preventive test of insulating gloves includes power frequency withstand voltage and leakage current test, the preventive test of insulating gloves for live work includes AC withstand voltage test and DC withstand voltage test, and the test cycle is 6 months. Every 6 months must use the specialized equipment to carry on the examination to the high pressure insulating glove, guarantees the glove quality, guaranteed the staff safety.

The insulation glove pressure test device is divided into two parts, one is the sink, the other two is the console.

The water tank is divided into the upper and lower parts, the upper area is 6 small flume, the lower area is the test transformer, and 6 insulation gloves can withstand pressure test at a time. The leakage current of the insulated gloves is displayed at the same time.

The console has the functions of overcurrent protection, 0-bit protection, time protection and alarm. Insulating Gloves pressure tester for low-voltage working voltage 220v/50hz power supply, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, change the input voltage to achieve the maximum voltage required by the test. The insulation glove pressure tester effectively solves the past nonstandard test, improves the working efficiency and guarantees the work safety, and is an ideal special equipment for insulating gloves. Insulation Gloves pressure Tester using advanced microelectronics processing technology, all the use of the process can be set in advance, all Chinese interface, simple and clear operation. All test items are automatically tested after they are set up without human intervention.

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