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What are the advantages of C&G arc flash protection gloves?

Some power construction personnel think, "Do not wear a helmet, not a seat belt, do not wear arc flash protection gloves is a trivial matter, do not have to fuss," and thus the strict management of the aversion, in fact, these "small things" directly related to personal life and safety. The operation of violating safety rules in operation often becomes the direct inducement of accidents, which not only endangers personal safety, but also endangers equipment safety and hinders power production.

C&G arc flash protection gloves

C&G arc flash protection gloves arc Thermal Protection performance value ATPV from 6 cal/cm2-70 cal/cm2, arc burst limit heat cover dl/t320-2010 standard I-ⅳ protection four levels of arc safety protection. Product implementation standards for DL/T320-2010 "personal arc protection products general Technical Requirements", ASTM F 1959 "Clothing fabrics Arc Thermal protection performance value test method" and gb8965.1-2009 "protective clothing fire resistant protection 1th: flame resistant clothing."

C&G arc flash protection gloves advantages

 The molecular structure determines its intrinsic thermal protection performance, Shanghai Cheng GE Arc Protective Gloves using the United States DuPont Greater China exclusive authorized fabric protera® production, protera® fiber, itself does not burn, and its flame-resistant ability directly from the fiber itself, rather than from the surface of the chemical treatment, therefore,

The flame resistant of the arc-resistant gloves made of protera fabric is permanent and will not disappear because of the number of washing or wearing, to reach the standard B of flame resistant clothing.

C&G Arc Protective gloves have excellent comfort performance. In the independent Comfort double blind survey, compared with the same weight flame resistant cotton/nylon blended fabric, the protera® has the absolute advantage in overall comfort, the wearer thinks, DuPont Protera® 's tingling feeling, weight, elasticity, stiffness, protera®,

Wet tightness and tingling itch are better than flame-resistant cotton/nylon blended fabric, better than aramid fabric.

C&G Arc Protective gloves have excellent durability. Strong tensile, durable washable, longer service life, internal permanent protection, protective performance will not be reduced with the use or washing. The strength of protera® fabric is twice times that of flame-resistant cotton/nylon blended fabric.


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