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2021 First Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Mitigation and Rescue Expo

The first Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Mitigation and Rescue Expo held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from May 7th to 9th, 2021. As a professional manufacturer and brand manufacturer of protective products, Shanghai C&G Safety Co., Ltd. also participated in this exhibition.


The products exhibited by Chengge mainly include: the protection series of hand, head, eye, face and body, and fire fighting products. Including live working tools, arc flash protective clothing, Chemical/Hazmat Protection, fire fighting clothing, stromwalker outdoor series and other products.


In front of Chengge's booth, people were crowded, and colleagues received new and old customers from all over the country. With its innovative technology, novel products and unique design, Chengge has stood out among many exhibitors, and many consulting customers have been lingering and have high intentions.


Thanks to the new and old customers who sign orders. We will continue to work hard, continue to innovate, continue to meet industry needs, build a safety fortress for frontline workers, and become a pioneer in China's safety protection industry!

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New Products

Chemical/Hazmat Protection

Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Anti-Static Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket/Coat & Pant

Molten Metal Splash Protection workwear

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