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"Sincere Service for Employees" Chengge Union Card Issuing Ceremony and Membership Card Consultation Meeting

At 10:00 am on April 30th, 2021, the first batch of membership card issuance ceremony and consulting service meeting of Shanghai Chengge Trade Union Committee was held in the Administration Building of Shanghai Chengge Company.


Since the establishment of the Shanghai Chengge Trade Union Committee, it has been adhering to the service concept of "thinking what employees think and urging them", and has continuously promoted and innovated in the work of the union. In order to better serve all employees, facilitate everyone to receive union cards, activate union cards, provide on-site consultation, and let employees fully understand the purpose of union membership cards, the company invites relevant personnel to come to activate union cards and conduct on-site Q&A consultation services.


At the consultation meeting, crowds were crowded. Under the early guidance of the Zhoupu Town Federation of Trade Unions, Yu Bo, Chairman of the Chengge Trade Union Committee, and several trade union members, compiled a "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the Use of Trade Union Cards", and patiently gave them to those who came to consult and receive cards. Employees answer questions. The employees all said that the union membership card is very practical, with so many discounts and various guarantee functions, which brings you a lot of convenience and benefits in life, and feels very much that the company's Chengge Trade Union Committee can provide you with such caring services. Satisfaction means being able to become a member of the Chengge family and feel very warm and happy.


The trade union is the "mother family" of the employees in the company. It is the goal that the Chengge Trade Union Committee has been pursuing to do practical and good deeds for the members and benefit more employees. I believe that our union organization will get better and better. ! Employees can also gain professional happiness!



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