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What should we pay more attention to when wearing insulating shoes?

In today's world of production and processing and daily life, electricity has become an important part, there are electricians with live operation in all walks of life. However, it often lead to accidents if not handled correctly when the human body is in contact with charged objects. Therefore, the existence of insulating shoes is very important.

Insulating shoes insulate a person's foot from the electric object, it is usually called as electrician shoes.

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1、It should choose the insulating shoes and electrician shoes based on the use of voltage, not the same protection. All kinds of electrical equipment are divided into high and low voltage.

2、The insulation rods, clamps and other common safety appliances can be used to touch the electric part when wearing insulating shoes. 

3、You should avoid contact with sharp devices, high temperature and corrosive substances to prevent damage to the electrical properties of the shoes. At the same time, the electrical properties of shoes should be checked regularly.

4、When storing the insulating shoes, it should keep them clean and dry to avoid to  be affected by damp. Once the shoes are affected by damp or badly worn, they should be replaced with new labor protection shoes immediately. 


Insulation safety shoes are mainly used in maintenance electricians at work to greatly reduce the risk of electric shock. It is usually worn by electricians to prevent electric shock caused by stepping voltage, and also to prevent accidents due to ground conduction.  


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