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What kind of fire suit do you have?

How many kinds of firefighting clothes are there? Cheng Ge take you to understand.

1. Fire fighting suit  

This is one of the important equipment to protect the personal safety of firefighters on the front line, and is also a necessary product in the fire rescue scene.  

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2. Rescue clothing  

Mainly used for vehicle rescue, building collapse, narrow space and climbing rescue scene body protection.  It has the characteristics of flame resistant, wear-resisting, lightweight, strong tensile resistance, eye-catching color and logo.  

3. Light chemical protective clothing  

Light chemical protection suit is the perfect combination of protection, durability and comfort because of the uniqueness of fabric.  Light chemical protection suit is a special protective suit for firefighters to wear when entering the scene of solid and liquid acid and alkali chemicals for rescue.  

4. Heavy chemical protective clothing  

Protective clothing worn to protect oneself from dangerous chemicals or corrosive substances when working in the field.  Mainly used in biochemical environment, environmental detection team, dangerous goods treatment, various industrial environment and leakage response, etc.  

5. Fire protective clothing  

Fire protection suit is specially designed for firefighters to enter the fire site in a short time for fire fighting and rescue.  Protected by water pistols, firefighters in suits can move freely in the heat for extended periods of time.  If you don't have a water gun, you can walk in the fire for about 10 minutes.  

6. Bee repellent clothing  

Anti-bee wear to prevent hornets, bees sting, mask for metal screen, with good protective performance, is a firefighter in the removal of hornet's nest wearing a protective clothing, with conjoined and split two structures, with anti-cut, anti-puncture and other protective functions.  

7. Heat insulation suit  

The insulation suit is made of aluminum foil and is silver, divided into pants, tops, gloves, boot covers and hoods.  The helmet is set inside the hood to protect the head safety of firefighters. The eyes are goggles, transparent, mainly to prevent heat radiation.  

8, electrical insulation clothing  

The electrical insulation suit is made of polyamide coated fabric material, which is insulated and can prevent high voltage below 7000V.  This suit can withstand high pressure, flame resistant, acid and alkali resistance, mainly used for the body protection of firemen working with electricity.  


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