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Why do many enterprises choose customized group business clothes?

Nowadays, most enterprises customize for employees. Why choose mass customization instead of individual customization?

For enterprises, there will be certain advantages in customizing group business clothes. What are the advantages?

1. Appropriate size

For the customization of group clothing, it measured by each employee's different body shape, the length of clothes, the length of sleeves and the size of three circumference. It ensures each size is fit.

The suits purchased in the mall are standard sizes, which can not be adjusted according to the body shape of each employee to meet the appropriate size of each person.

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2. Fabric options

For the customization of group wear, you can freely select the desired fabrics according to the actual situation and requirements of customers. You can choose various patterns, wool content and some special fabrics, such as waterproof, antifouling, antistatic, etc.

Although the suits purchased in shopping malls are sufficient, they can not meet the customers' choice of a variety of fabrics.

3. Styles available

Professional wear is mainly simple and generous, but the customized "simple and generous" can also show different beauty, such as suit buttons, lapel color matching, version lines, and even customize the enterprise logo. 

What aspects should be considered in the customization of group business wear?

1. Comfortable

In order to meet the needs of professional wear in all walks of life, Shanghai C&G will give priority to fabric texture, color and style. Any too fashionable and fancy styles and accessories must be included in the specific professional wear environment.

Secondly, in the production process, the cutting is accurate, the sewing is firm, the ironing and shaping is flat, and the standard size is complete. 

Professional clothes are more slim styles, especially women's professional clothes. When selecting styles, we should choose concise ones, so that they look elegant and generous

2. Identification

The identification of business wear lies in the marks of social figures and specific identities and the differences of different posts

With different clothing colors and styles, it plays a symbolic role, which can reflect the specific image of characters, facilitate public supervision, internal management of enterprises, and promote the competitiveness of enterprises

3. Economical

On the premise of "simplicity and generosity", according to the customer's budget, make comprehensive choices from the aspects of clothing structure, fabric texture, style complexity and process manufacturing difficulty, so as to reduce the cost as much as possible. 

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