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Mistakes to be avoided when choosing flame retardant protective clothing

As one of the important products of Shanghai C&G Safety Company, flame resistant clothing has always been loved by customers. However, in the pre-sales process, it is not difficult to find that many customers have some misunderstandings when purchasing. For the problems in daily communication with customers, today we specially organizes Several important mistakes have been made.

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Misunderstanding 1: Products that meet national standards are the "best" products

There are many customers who think that as long as the product meets the national standard, then the product is a good product. This understanding is both right and wrong, because the flame resistant clothing that meets the national standard means that it meets the most basic requirements of the market, that is to say, it meets the most basic requirements. In fact, when choosing flame resistant clothing, it is necessary to meet both the basic requirements and the specific requirements of customers. For example, some customers will require additional anti-static indicators and anti-chemical indicators. Therefore, a product that meets the actual situation can be regarded as a good product.

Misunderstanding 2: Choose low-priced products

Many customers will control the cost when purchasing flame resistant clothing, choose products with low price, and think that low price is a product with high cost performance. In fact, this is wrong. We should consider the cost performance from many aspects, such as the life cycle of flame resistant clothing, Washable times, safety performance, etc.

For example, although the price of some flame resistant clothing is low, the service life is very short and the number of times of washing is small, the flame resistant performance decays rapidly, and there is a higher risk of use, so the actual use cost is also higher.

Misunderstanding 3: Only focus on the performance of flame resistant clothing and ignore its design

Flame resistant clothing is mainly made of fabrics with flame resistant properties to protect the human body. Therefore, the design of the clothing style structure should also meet the corresponding safety requirements, otherwise it may bring huge safety hazards.

Misunderstanding 4: Lose a great deal through trying to save a little if Ignore the accessories

The country has clear regulations on the accessories of flame resistant clothing, requiring that the accessories exposed to the surface of the clothing must be made of flame resistant and non-melting materials. This regulation is to avoid secondary burns to operators caused by non-flame resistant accessories in fires. , burns and other hazards.

Misunderstanding 5: Only focus on the performance of flame resistant clothing and ignore its  5: Flame resistant protective clothing is not afraid of fire

Many people think that flame resistant clothing is not afraid of fire. When a fire occurs, they can wear flame resistant protective clothing to carry out fire fighting operations, and even cross the fire field. Everyone must pay attention to this, this is a serious mistake. In the national standard for flame resistant protective clothing, the scope of inapplicability of flame resistant protective clothing is clarified: it is not suitable for use in fire rescue. Flame resistant protective clothing is passive protective equipment that can maximize the safe escape of workers at the accident site in the event of a sudden fire accident, rather than active rescue equipment. The difference between the two is obvious.

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