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Detailed explanation of safety performance indexes of anti smashing Safety shoes

The anti smashing Sefety shoes, mainly use the toe of the shoes to be installed with a certain impact resistant inner cover to protect the toes from injury. This kind of shoes must meet several safety performance.


Pressure resistance:

Cut the toe cap from 25mm (3mm) behind the inner wrapping head to the bottom of the upper. Place it on the platform of a pressure tester with an indication error of (1%). Put a plasticine cylinder with a height of 35mm and a diameter of 22mm into the toe cap. Then apply the required force at a speed of 5mm / min (2mm / min) for 1min, and then restore the force to the zero position. Take out the compressed plasticine, measure the height with a caliper, and take the measured value at the low position as the measured value. The value should meet the requirements.

Impact resistance:

Put the toe cap with inner wrapping head and cylindrical plasticine under the impact machine, fix the inspected toe cap, lift the impact hammer (23kg (0.2kg) to the required height, and then drop freely to impact the toe cap. Take out the plasticine and measure it with caliper, and the value shall meet the requirements.

Requirements for pressure resistance and impact resistance of inner cladding head:

The test method is the same as that of the toe cap, but the deformation spacing of the inner cap shall not be less than 22mm after the test.

Corrosion resistance requirements of inner head:

Due to foot sweat and moisture, it can corrode the inner head and affect the quality of shoes. Therefore, the inner head shall have corrosion resistance. It is required to use two white filter paper (100m wide and 150mm long) with one end immersed in 1% NaCl solution and the other end placed above and below the inner head. After 48h, remove the filter paper, check the traces of NaCl solution corrosion in Baotou, and measure the area of each spot (mm2). It is required that the number of corrosion spots shall not exceed 5, and each spot shall not exceed 2.5mm.




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