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What factors would affect the safety performance of anti-smashing safety shoes?

As the name suggests, anti-smashing shoes are safety shoes that can prevent feet from being smashed. Its protective performance mainly depends on the toe cap, insole, sole, etc. Today, we will give you a detailed introduction.

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1.The influence of toe cap

The protection toe cap is the main protective component of the anti-smashing shoes. The materials and structures determine whether the safety performance of the anti-smashing shoes can meet the standard requirements. There are two types of protective toecaps: metal toecaps and non-metallic toecaps. In comparison, metal toecaps are stronger and more rigid than non-metallic toecaps, and can withstand greater impact energy and pressure.

The material thickness, shape, minimum inner length and hemming width of the protective toe cap are also important factors that affect whether the anti-smashing shoes can withstand the impact resistance and pressure resistance specified by the standard. These indicators should take care of the protective performance as much as possible without affecting the comfort of the wearer.

2.The influence of sole

The sole is also an important factor affecting the safety performance of anti-smashing shoes. The sole relies on the hardness to give the protective toe cap support strength, dispersing the impact force to the ground, without causing the protective toe cap and other parts above to sink into the sole after being stressed.

3.The influence of insole

Most smash-resistant shoes have fixed insoles. If the insole covers the entire length of the sole, it will reduce the internal clearance to protect the toe cap, which will have a bad effect. In this case, you can consider thinning the toe cap of the insole.

4.The influence of manufacturing process

The protective toe cap should be correctly installed on the shoe last during the production process. Improper installation may result in displacement of the protective toecap, making it unable to withstand impact resistance and pressure resistance. If the protective toe cap is not firmly bonded to the shoe/shoe upper, the protective toe cap will move in the shoe, thus failing to provide protection.

These are factors affecting the safety performance of anti-smashing shoes. When choosing anti-smashing shoes, you can choose carefully based on these, so that you can better protect your feet.




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