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What is the difference between a flame retardant suit and an aluminized suit

Many new customers will think that a flame resistant suit  and an aluminized suit  are basically the same, They can be  replaced each other, in fact, this is a big mistake, today Chengge editor  will explain the specific definition of these two kinds of clothing, you will understand why the two can not be confused with each other.

aluminized suit.png

Let's start with an aluminized suit,  which is generally made of flame resistant fabric and vacuum aluminized film composite material mixed together to make such kind of clothing. It can effectively protect the personal safety of firefighters and workers in high temperature places, that is, even close to the heat source will not be burned by heat, flame and steam.

Secondly, let's talk about flame resistant clothing. Flame resistant protective clothing is a kind of protective clothing made of flame resistant fabric. The flame resistant fabric refers to the characteristics of the fabric to delay combustion and prevent the  fire damage. It doesn't matter if it is lit by an fire  flame, it can be automatically extinguished within two seconds after leaving the fire  flame, and the excellent flame resistant fabric can also prevent the occurrence of dripping, melting and other phenomena. Our sincere flame resistant clothing is made of inherently flame resistant fabric, which is more safe and reliable.

Therefore, any one of the two can not be replaced by another, so we must understand their own needs before buying, do not take it for granted by using  or purchasing.

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