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What are the key indicators of chemical protective clothing materials?


What are the key indicators of chemical protective clothing materials?

In fact, the more important thing about chemical protective clothing is its material. Only when the material is good can the protective effect be good. Today, Shanghai C&G editor sorted out the following three points for you to judge the quality of chemical protective clothing materials.

chemical protective clothing

1. Penetration performance of chemical protective clothing

The penetration performance of protective clothing mainly refers to the physical process in which chemicals penetrate through the micropores or voids of the material to the other side of the material.

2. Chemical penetration performance of chemical protective clothing

When paying attention to the chemical penetration performance of chemical protective clothing, the following issues must be considered:

a) It is impossible for any kind of chemical protective material to be inert to all chemicals, and the protective effect of protective materials to different chemicals is different;

b) The chemical infiltration process is an adsorption and diffusion process at the molecular level, which needs to be determined through analysis and cannot be observed by the naked eye. Chemical infiltration will lead to the degradation of the performance of the protective material;

c) Breakthrough time is a measure of the material’s resistance to chemical penetration, which is measured by instruments based on the time elapsed for pure chemicals from contacting the outer surface of the material to appearing on the other surface of the material;

d) The penetration time is for a specific chemical, and the user should refer to a specific or a certain type of chemical when referring to the penetration time of chemical protective clothing;

e) The osmotic properties of mixtures are different from those of individual chemicals;

f) The penetration time is the standard penetration time of the laboratory test. In fact, the penetration of chemicals has occurred before this penetration time, but the penetration amount has not yet reached the level of harm to the human body. Therefore, general chemical protection against chemical exposure The expected time for continued use after administration should be less than its standard breakthrough time.

3. Penetration performance of dust in chemical protective clothing

The dust-tight chemical protective clothing mainly examines the dust resistance performance of the material and the leakage of the whole suit is an index to measure its protective ability.

The above are the main indicators for evaluating the performance of chemical protective clothing materials. Everyone must remember to use professional instruments and equipment when testing whether this indicator is qualified.

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