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How to judge the quality of safety shoes by appearance


How to judge the quality of safety shoes by appearance

In real life, many industries need safety shoes, but before buying safety shoes, how can we judge their quality by their appearance? Today Shanghai C&G editor sorted out 6 points of experience, hoping to bring you help.

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First, look at the upper:

The upper is one of the main components of safety shoes.

For smooth safety shoes, it depends on whether they are soft and plump. After pressing the safety shoes with your hands, whether there is loose surface phenomenon. A good safety shoes should be plump and soft, comfortable to the touch, with uniform luster and no loose surface phenomenon. .

For the safety shoes of suede safety shoes, attention should be paid to check whether the fluff is short and uniform, and the color tone should also be consistent. The inner part of the safety shoes is a part of the safety shoes,which is used to reinforce the safety shoes, prevent the extension and deformation of the safety shoes, and improve the feeling of the foot.

A good safety shoe lining material (such as genuine leather safety shoe lining) should have good touch, air permeability and moisture drainage, and it should not be easy to decolorize. In terms of sewing, there should be no wrinkles and fat edges in the safety shoes.

Second, look at the insole:

As far as safety shoes are concerned, the insole can keep the inner sole of the shoe clean, cover the unevenness of the inner sole and improve the feeling of the foot, so it will have good moisture absorption and drainage.

For safety shoes on the market, male safety shoes will use the second half of the insole pad or heel pad, and women's safety shoes will use a full pad covering the insole.

Third, look at the outsole:

From the appearance point of view, for good-quality safety shoes, the bonding state around the outsole should be closely bonded without gaps, and the bottom surface should be flat.

Fourth, look at the heel:

Regardless of whether it is a low heel or a high heel, it is necessary to see whether it is naturally flush with the safety shoes.

Five, look at the bottom:

The material of the inner sole is preferably genuine leather. Use your hands to press the waist, which is equivalent to the part of the instep when wearing safety shoes, so that it does not move at all.

Sixth, look at stability:

Put the safety shoes on a flat surface, and the safety shoes should stand still immediately. Such safety shoes are more stable, which is also one of the basic conditions for high-quality safety shoes.

When choosing and purchasing safety shoes, in addition to looking at their appearance, you also need to look at their relevant documents, enterprise production qualifications, etc.

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