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Ensuring Safety in Manual Charging of Electric Induction Furnaces for Melting Aluminum


Ensuring Safety in Manual Charging of Electric Induction Furnaces for Melting Aluminum

Furnace men engaged in manual charging of electric induction furnaces play a crucial role in melting aluminum in various forms, including scrap, bales, and ingots. However, this process comes with inherent risks due to the presence of molten metal. To ensure the safety of these workers, it is essential to assess the risks associated with molten metal and provide appropriate protective garments. 

When dealing with molten metal, there are several potential risks that furnace men need to be aware of. Minor splash, categorized as a Level 1 risk, may occur if substances are charged clumsily. Another risk, categorized as Level 3, is the ejection of molten metal due to air or moisture becoming trapped beneath the surface of the melt. Additionally, there is a Level 2 risk of spillage during the transfer of the molten metal to the next vessel.

To determine the required protective garments, the worst foreseeable risk should be considered. In this case, the risk of ejection of molten metal (Level 3) poses the most significant danger. Therefore, furnace men should wear protective jackets and trousers to cope with a Level 3 incident, providing comprehensive coverage and protection for the whole body.

The metal used in this process is aluminum. It is important to note the specific metal being handled, as different metals may have varying risks and safety requirements. Aluminum has unique properties and characteristics that need to be taken into account when selecting Molten metal protective clothes.

Molten metal protective clothing

Based on the risk assessment, it has been determined that clothing is needed to protect the entire body against a Level 3 incident involving molten aluminum. When choosing protective clothing, look for garments labeled with a marking of "D3." This marking indicates that the clothing is suitable for providing the necessary protection against the identified risks. Referring to the performance levels of materials during testing tables is crucial to ensure the garments meet the required safety standards.

In conclusion, the manual charging of electric induction furnaces for melting aluminum involves inherent risks associated with molten metal. By identifying and assessing these risks, providing appropriate protective garments, and considering the specific metal being used, such as aluminum, we can prioritize safety measures and create a safer working environment for furnace men engaged in this critical process.

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