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How is a flight suit made?

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How is a flight suit made?

Flight suits are typically made using specialized materials that prioritize fire resistance and durability. The most common material used is Nomex, a branded fire-resistant (FR) aramid/para-aramid/conductive fiber blend.

Here is a general overview of how flight suits are made:

1. Material selection: The primary fabric used in flight suits is a 4.5 oz/square yard plain weave Nomex material. This material is inherently fire-resistant and offers protection against heat and flames.

2. Pattern cutting: The flight suit pattern is created based on specific measurements and design requirements. The pattern is then laid out on the fabric and carefully cut to ensure proper fit and functionality.

3. Sewing: The cut fabric pieces are sewn together using specialized sewing techniques and equipment. Flight suits require strong and durable seams to withstand the stresses of flight operations. The thread used for sewing is also made of Nomex to maintain fire resistance throughout the garment.

4. Features and details: Flight suits are designed with various features and details, such as pockets, zippers, hook and loop fasteners, and reinforced areas. These elements are carefully integrated into the garment to enhance functionality and durability.

5. Quality control: Once the flight suit is fully assembled, it undergoes thorough quality control checks to ensure that it meets the required specifications and standards. This includes checking for proper fit, stitching quality, and overall construction.

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