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Electrical protective clothing

Workers on the construction site of electric power construction should wear overalls. C&G's work clothes are generally white, other types of work clothes without color restrictions.

Protective clothing in the following categories:

(1) full body protective overalls;

(2) anti-virus overalls;

(3) acid-proof clothing;

(4) Flame-resistant overalls;

(5) insulation overalls;

(6) ventilation cooling coveralls;

(7) water cooling work clothes;

(8) anti-radiation overalls;

(9) Labor protection raincoat;

(10) common work clothes.

Electric construction workers on the scene wearing protective clothing workers requirements are:

(1) workers must wear overalls when working;

(2) operation of rotating machinery, cuffs must tie tight;

(3) personnel engaged in special operations must wear special protective clothing work;

(4) Welder overalls should be made of white canvas.

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