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Anti-acid fabric technical requirements

First, the surface accessories

Acid-resistant fabric with acid resistance, abrasion resistance, flex resistance, fracture strength, puncture resistance and other powerful features.
2. Accessories
Clothing on all the accessories (such as buttons, hooks, zippers, etc.) material should also have the same corrosion resistance; if the accessories do not have
Preparation of corrosion resistance, you must add corrosion-resistant clothing to cover.
Anti-acid clothing style and structure
Finished clothing surface accessories should meet the anti-acid clothing accessories technical requirements; direct contact with the skin material should be no skin irritation
Or other harmful health effects, does not affect the normal physiological requirements of the human body; easy to wear off and take advantage of physical activity at work.
1. style
A. Breathable acid-proof clothing ---- generally used for mild acid contamination sites, the applicable styles are as follows:
A. Tailored ("collar tight, tight cuff, hem tight", pants "straight pants")
B. Gown style
B. Airtight type acid-proof clothing ------ For severe acid pollution sites, the applicable style is as follows:
A. Siamese style ("collar tight, tight cuffs, tight trousers")
B. Avatar
C. Aprons and so on
Note: The protective clothing parts of the combination of parts should be strict and reasonable, to prevent acid and alkali intrusion.
Protective clothing structure should be considered with other protective equipment with the use, such as jacket sleeves and protective gloves, pants and protective shoes (
Boots) and other parts of the joint should be strict and reasonable, to prevent the invasion of acid and alkali. In addition, acid-proof clothing should be no acid-base Ming Yi
Bags and other structures, but there may be underwear bags.
Accessories should be easy to connect and disconnect, the material should be corrosion-resistant.
Anti-acid suit sewing process requirements
1. All parts of the flat clothes, the line straight, neat, solid, uniform stitching, up and down the line is appropriate, needle and pocket should be
Needle back needle.
2. Suture sealed with a tape to prevent acid and alkali through the pores, seams, pinholes or imperfections penetrate clothing has reached the fabric with the
The protective effect.
3 elastic waist, to ensure that clothes fit.
4. Zipper with self-adhesive double access control, to provide a high level of liquid protection.
5. Flexible facial openings and neck self-adhesive access control, with the mask perfectly.
6. Cuffs, cuffs with elastic shut, to ensure that the key parts of the docile and seal.
7. No jumper.
Anti-acid suits the use and precautions
1. Anti-acid service before use should check for damage, and only in the provisions of the acid workplaces as an aid to use.
2. When wearing should avoid touching sharp objects to prevent mechanical damage.
3. Rubber and plastic anti-acid suits should be stored when stored should avoid high temperature, dry after use to avoid exposure, long-term protection
Save spilled talcum powder to prevent sticking.
4. Synthetic anti-acid clothing should not be washed with hot water, ironing, to avoid contact with open flame.
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